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This has moved way past Trump vs Biden


Posted 9:36 am, 06/20/2024

There goes f*xxy with her Marxist crap. She has no idea what Marxism is about, but she loves to parrot the late unlamented Tail Gunner Joe. If only she had used that superior education that she received at her private school to study some political science. But give her credit, she did straighten out us ignoramuses when she informed us that The Pledge of Allegiance is in the Bill of Rights.

DB Cooper

Posted 9:06 am, 06/20/2024

@ dog butt. You got that exactly backwards. Biden has made practically everyone poorer. At least that's what about 3/4s of the people say.

the dog's butler

Posted 9:04 am, 06/20/2024

Under the Republicans, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.


Posted 8:43 am, 06/20/2024


Jack Schitt

Posted 7:58 am, 06/20/2024

Why does the left always tear down civilization ?


Posted 7:54 am, 06/20/2024

No Trump, No Biden, and you still have the main problem. What we are facing is a Marxist Democrat takeover of our country. We need to fight this for all it is worth to preserve America so our children and grandchildren can live in a free country with democracy still in place. Right now it is about votes, but I suspect after the election it will be in the streets. Democrats will make January 6th look like a Christmas parade. Get prepared

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