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Psychotic maskholes try to overthrow Buncombe county school board


Posted 10:21 am, 08/13/2021

Keep kids in school....right?


Posted 10:13 am, 08/13/2021


Posted 8:39 am, 08/13/2021

Brainless has never met dats she could comprehend. There is no science in that report. All they did is look at Covid numbers in school and made the leap to it must be the masks. Did you bother to catch they said social distancing isn't even needed now? Meanwhile all research on masks for adults show that any reduction due to masks is nominal at best. Are you really going to believe that children are going to do better at wearing masks all day long than adults? That for children with no social distancing masks are highly effective but for adults with social distancing they are not? Even when the kids are eating lunch and taking their masks off? And there is no control group of maskless kids to compare against. No, the real conclusion based on comparing kids to adults is kids aren't at risk. Kids are not Covid spreaders. All of this is overreacting by cowards.


Posted 7:57 am, 08/13/2021

Lies....no one is listening to the covid crap anymore


Posted 7:39 am, 08/13/2021

sparkling water

Posted 7:26 am, 08/13/2021

Was it an INSURRECTION ????


Posted 7:07 am, 08/13/2021

Children aren't at risk. Your policies have killed more kids than Covid


Posted 6:32 am, 08/13/2021

Tianna man, your team's hates freedom.


Posted 6:13 am, 08/13/2021

Payday is coming for the liars destroying freedom


Posted 11:56 pm, 08/12/2021

Coronavirus cases are on the rise among children in North Carolina, where Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn slammed a county's new school mask mandate, calling the measure "psychological child abuse."

"The greatest threat to our children today does not come from covid-19. It comes from woke, liberal government officials like you who think they are all-knowing and all-wise," Cawthorn told members of the school board in Buncombe County, which sits on the western side of the state and includes Asheville.

The first-term congressman was one of the dozens who railed against the board's decision on Thursday night. The board had voted earlier that day to require unvaccinated students and teachers to wear masks while inside or on buses when school starts later this month. The conservative firebrand's comments were met with applause.

Stephanie Parsons later told the board she would not leave the meeting until its members reversed its mask mandate.

"Not until you do a revote for the people, by the people, and of the people now!" she shouted.

Board members did not meet her demand.

Parsons was part of a group that forced the school board into recess by disrupting the regularly scheduled meeting. She and others then "overthrew" the board and instated themselves as the new leaders of the county's public education system, according to the Asheville Citizen Times.

Parsons told the paper the board "acted as a dictatorship" when enacting the mask mandate earlier that day.

"[Therefore], the people then take it into our own hands to abolish that governance and reelect new members right then and there," she said, according to the Citizen Times.

Dean Shatley, the school district's lawyer, said the group's actions have "no authority under the law."

The impassioned meeting was the latest example of clashes between local officials and community members over mask mandates as covid-19 cases spike across the country. As the more contagious delta variant spreads, the American Academy of Pediatrics reported a "substantial" increase in coronavirus cases among children nationwide, WTVD in North Carolina reported. Pediatric cases jumped to nearly 72,000 across the country late last month, up from about 39,000 in mid-July, according to the station.

In North Carolina, cases among children totaled more than 15 percent of new infections in early July, the Carolina Public Press reported. Children under age 12 are not yet eligible for coronavirus vaccines.

Cawthorn and Parsons were among nearly three dozen people who spoke during the board meeting's public comment period, something that wasn't allowed when members voted on the mask requirement last week. Nearly all the speakers opposed it.

Protesters flashed signs that read "Let our children breathe!" and "Coercion is not consent." Other signs read, "Our kids, our choice" and "The fake vaccine is the plandemic," a reference to the baseless theory that the spread of covid was orchestrated to control people.

"You just want to see how many people will comply to the mask," Parsons said, sporting a black T-shirt emblazoned with white block letters: "UNMASK OUR KIDS." "That way you can mandate the vaccine. You're merchandising our children."

Cawthorn likened the board's decision to pass the mask mandate during a special meeting to "swampy, backdoor tactics." The meeting was open to the public, and officials posted notice of the event six days in advance.

"You have muzzled their voices just like you have muzzled our children," Cawthorn said. "You passed this mask mandate without input from those who hold you accountable, because you knew it was wrong. You knew it would never withstand the scrutiny of the public."

One of Cawthorn's Democratic colleagues said comparing the school mask rule to child abuse was "absolutely absurd," adding that doing so endangers people in the congressman's district and beyond.

"The reality is that kids need to be in school," Rep. Kim Schrier (D-Wash.), who worked as a pediatrician before she was elected in 2018, told MSNBC. "What is damaging to their psyche, to their social and emotional development is not being able to be around children because schools are closed.

"The masks are not a problem."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends children return to full-time, in-person learning. Still, officials there add, all students and staff should wear masks, regardless of vaccination status.

Buncombe County's school board members did relent on one part of the mask mandate. They voted to let volleyball players the only fall athletes who play indoors to remove their masks when they're competing in a match or engaged in "intense practice activities."


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