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I am so concerned about this debate coming up.


Posted 11:06 am, 06/22/2024

If interrupting your opponent and shouting over him means you win the debate Trump will ace it. That's what he did last time and his MAGATS claimed he won. The only kind of talking Trump can tolerate is when he's talking or more often shouting at you.


Posted 8:50 am, 06/22/2024

I agree with DB. He is even doing a real stand up for ninety minutes in his prep for it.

I think he will be hyped like his screaming fit at the SOTU speech. It was awful, downright evil. The brainwashed loved that mess.

And if he fails..., they have plan B. Send in the clowns. The obama's the clintons, schumer to tell the biden crime family it's over.

DB Cooper

Posted 8:39 am, 06/22/2024

LOL... I don't know if the dope will be that good or not!

sparkling water

Posted 8:37 am, 06/22/2024

As he squints those enhanced eyes, lightning bolts may flash out and consume the Rightful President of North America.

DB Cooper

Posted 8:31 am, 06/22/2024

Joe will be on some of the best dope available to mankind. I wouldn't underestimate him.

sparkling water

Posted 11:01 pm, 06/21/2024

Joe Biden is a rhetorical buzz saw and Im just skeered he will overwhelm Mr Trump with his recall of events and accomplishments.

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