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Holy cow


Posted 10:37 am, 06/20/2024

When all the blacks become Trumplicans where will the MAGATS go?


Posted 2:56 pm, 06/19/2024

They know where their money will come from LMFAO


Posted 2:29 pm, 06/19/2024

L W is right it's more like 35 %


Posted 1:12 pm, 06/19/2024

Strange, the same people that are whooping it up over the "polls" showing a higher percentage of blacks are in favor of Trump are mocking the Juneteenth celebrations.

I'm trying hard to shake this vision of crowds of blacks in the vicinity of the polling stations carrying signs saying:
Black Lives Matter
Vote for Trump
MAGATS have to love that.


Posted 12:51 pm, 06/19/2024

It's not important that trib knows how Trump made lives better for black people.

He is never right about anything anyway. The important thing is that black people know.

And blacks are now looking back over the last fifty years and learning and saying the truth about dems and black people.

I heard one this morning explaining how dems have been about black people for decades.

"Come get your food stamps'. "Come get your welfare check'.. never really doing anything except handouts keeping them on the dem slave plantation.

And it's way more than twenty percent and growing.

That's why you have the mutts handlers crying and worried that they are going to be investigated and indicted under Trump.. the 'dictator".

They are planning to leave the country because people like McCabe and Comey and dozens of others are criminals and traitors.

And all will be held accountable. It's going to be a wild four years watching Trump clean out all the obama corruption.

And they are planning to replace biden. They are waiting to see him fall on his face at the debate.

Then obama , the Clintons , shumer are going to the biden crime family and tell them to step down.

They are everyone in a dither . From the white house to the media, and to the mush brains on GW. Even these sub human slugs see the writing on those walls that are closing in on their heroes.


Posted 12:50 pm, 06/19/2024

Can anyone find the actual poll?

I see articles talking about it, but I can't find the poll itself. Which means that we don't know how many black people were polled, what the actual questions were, or... anything.

The only recent poll I can find is of 1000 black voters, but all I can find of it is the discussion and not the poll itself...

In this poll, black people have fallen out of love with Biden since 2020... but still plan to vote for him because the alternative is worse. This poll finds 10.8% support for Trump.


Posted 12:26 pm, 06/19/2024

PUULEEZE tell me how Trump made it better for blacks.


Posted 12:20 pm, 06/19/2024

Are you saying Tribbie has not been invited to the Juneteenth Celebration?


Posted 12:19 pm, 06/19/2024

Ask one Trib, ask them why they are switching parties. If you know one

the dog's butler

Posted 12:12 pm, 06/19/2024

Trunp surged from 7% of black voters to 21%. Bidrb still has 79%.
Just putting things in perspective.


Posted 12:12 pm, 06/19/2024

How did Trump make life better for them f*xxy? I need some edification here I'm not really well versed on this racial thing. D'ye know I believed that Jim Crow actually had existed until people like yourself put me straight.


Posted 12:02 pm, 06/19/2024

Couple of things wrong with your propaganda Trib. One, blacks are not as stupid as you think they are. Two, they have already seen that Trump will make life better for them.


Posted 11:47 am, 06/19/2024

As for the blacks feeling they've been led up the garden path by the DumDems, which is truly the case. If they jump on Trump's bandwagon thinking they'll get a better deal, they are in for a shock. They won't be led up the garden path this time, they'll be dragged down the freeway.


Posted 11:45 am, 06/19/2024

" Every asylum seeker should surge to the border if I'm elected president " Joe Biden.


Posted 11:40 am, 06/19/2024

Go Trump! America needs you!


Posted 11:25 am, 06/19/2024

Trump is responsible for making what was a problem into a crisis. He did it because he knew it would scare the crap out of mentally deprived and because he had no realistic agenda. Trump owns the immigration debacle!


Posted 11:12 am, 06/19/2024

That's GREAT Mt fellow Americans!


Posted 9:17 am, 06/19/2024

I don't think most blacks are happy with all the illegals coming in.

Everyone knows it is Biden inviting the illegals. Even the blacks have figured it out

Lester White

Posted 9:02 am, 06/19/2024

If CNN says 21% it is likely a lot higher

DB Cooper

Posted 8:27 am, 06/19/2024

Orange is the new black! Ain't that right, tribune!

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