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Posted 8:01 pm, 06/20/2024

It's a done deal. Announcement any day. Over and over. All of a sudden pop pop fizz fizz. Remember harborer of truth ??


Posted 7:53 pm, 06/20/2024

Ever notice how a mush brain always say something negative of the source ?

This is the same brain that watches and believes all the lies cnn and msnbc and all the fake news tells them.

Yet don't believe breitbart is what that dumb brain comes up with.

I laugh every time . It never dawns on them how foolish that is.


the dog's butler

Posted 6:38 pm, 06/20/2024

Don't drink the Breitbart Kool Aide.


Posted 6:26 pm, 06/20/2024

As long as you attack me and not I posted. Hehe. But we've got people who fall for Putins gangs crap and expect us to believe it ? But I've shown video proof of things and still accused of lying ? Always thought the truth wasn't supposed to hurt ?


Posted 5:43 pm, 06/20/2024

How can you possibly not believe this? It comes from singer.

DB Cooper

Posted 5:37 pm, 06/20/2024

Ain't Gandy quick to show up on a thread about mush brains...


Posted 5:22 pm, 06/20/2024

And of course we have posters who have been shown what lies they can post and when the truth comes out they just poof poof go on to another lie. Guess you don't remember your daily rants that "Joe is impeached". Ohhhh it's a "done deal". Guess you don't remember ? That must be it ? Spew on oh one with such a penchant for honesty


Posted 5:22 pm, 06/20/2024

1. That's not happening! How dare you!

2. If it's happening, why do you care! How dare you!

3 Maybe it's happening, why is it a problem? How dare you!

4 Of course, that has ALWAYS been happening! How dare you!

The lieberal playbook in 4 easy steps.


Posted 5:10 pm, 06/20/2024

the white house will deny, the media will call it a big lie and a conspiracy. And mush brains will repeat the fake news until, as usual we all find out it's true.

It on X and it won't be going away .
Three events happened on the same day ,nine days after corrupt , fraud biden said these words.

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