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Central Softball


Posted 9:30 am, 10/06/2020

Steve is the best thing to ever happen to Wilkes central high school. He does it all cleans teaches kids how it's important to stay in school. He is a wonderful role model


Posted 8:45 am, 10/06/2020

I think when coach Came to central he has a better record than anyone else. He is the winner of the journal patriot 2020 best coach award. That new guy don't have a clue of what he is doing they will not win a game.


Posted 4:58 pm, 09/29/2020

I have read this whole thread and this is some funny stuff. Steve is a great man known him for about 30 years or more he coached baseball and softball his whole life. Lack of talent coaches and skill was what hurt Steve and the Central program. West has dominated softball for all these years because they had travel ball teams just for there programs at middle school and high school. West didn't have good coaching either they had talent and that's what got them where they are today. But the talent is run out the girls today are nothing like the girls 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 years ago also the game has changed too if you have notice west doesn't dominate like they did and the girls are not as strong, fast, smart or good as there were. Also parents have influenced a lot of the softball at all the schools and that's another reason they are not as good as they could have been. I 100% believe if you have a kid on the team you shouldn't coach in high school or your buddies should help you either. There's a lot of good coaches around here to bad none of them are coaching now. Well one is East Wilkes has a good one.


Posted 3:15 pm, 03/21/2020

OMG I cannot help but laugh at who stands up to defend that person. The person he completely wore out pitching which ended up costing his team games because why? Because he would not pull her from the mound and put someone else in. There is your special treatment that the other person spoke of. Was your arm not super tired and the fact you only had one pitch your fastball had slowed down to the point you were getting hit hard? I will not actually post your nickname but let's just say it was, one pitch(then your last name). You only stand up for him just like the other person said because you were given treatment that was unfair and unjust to others and for the good of the team. I'm pretty sure he lost his job because of how girls were treated and the fact that the ones who pushed for his removal wanted the team to do better not just to have their children as bigger stars. If he was such a great coach as you mentioned from big bad rec ball then why could he never get results in high school? It was not from lack of talent. He drove off so many girls from the program who would have been good players, maybe not superstars but still good players who could win games. And the fact of girls being called doughhead and freak might have seemed so funny to so many at times but I believe the actions and words of a coach reflects the school. But that was just how things were and I don't believe that had any bearing on him being let go. But for you to stand up and praise him like that is almost comical. When one person stands and says oo he is so great this does not mean they are right when their facts can be destroyed as to how great he was. I watched games out there for years without even having a child on the team and saw and heard things. And no I'm not saying you were a bad player but I do agree with the other person that you threw your former teammates under the bus. Was there girls who liked him? Yes, but there were more who could not stand him and that was the majority. But even if I had a daughter which I don't, I would not have been excited about him coaching her. This is why Catawba county changed their rules on who could coach. There you must be Qualified plus have NO relatives on the team. Not saying your related but he did have family on the team at one point and they too was given special treatment. So in my opinion you need to step back and think maybe it's how he treated the other 90 some girls and not just a few out of 100.

Joe Rogan

Posted 10:48 pm, 03/19/2020

Y'all old farts care to much about other peopleπŸ˜‚


Posted 9:12 pm, 03/19/2020

Well this goes to the fan and to tarheel.. your such a huge fan because why? Only because he showed you how to pitch? Or the fact you were given special treatment? As far as you saying the talent was not there to beat West ..I'm a West fan.. you definitely had the talent to win but it was never used right. And for you to throw your former teammates under the bus is a wonderful touch. As far as him and voting on awards is it not true he never went himself but had someone else go but would tell them who to vote for and this other person would vote for their own child as well.. deserving or not? Just because you have a great love for someone who favored you does not mean your thinking will sway people who are older than you and see things in the light of an adult. As far as the wonderful coaching he did in Oregon is it not true that the team that went was loaded with talent and had a Dominant pitcher that took you far but was not used in the game before the championship game? Is it not true many who were connected with that team were very mad over his coaching or lack there of? Almost anyone can coach a team loaded with talent and just because he coaches a team in Rec Ball does not in anyway qualify someone to coach higher up. He was hired because of a reputation that had more holes than Swiss cheese and you see what happened. So before you beat your chest and proclaim someone as being so wonderful maybe you yourself should get the facts correct. And anyone who thinks ANY team needs a person like that coaching is blinded by youth or just plain ..but the truth is it's over and done with .. I knew some facts about the person to start with but I wondered why he was forced to step down.. enough said but I agree with others that they were better without him.. too bad the season has been cut short


Posted 5:50 pm, 03/18/2020

Good for you, Allison!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» I'm proud of you for standing up publicly for Steve! He doesn't deserve any of this junk on here after he has put so much time, effort, thought, money, & heart into the youth of this county for YEARS! Shame on you people for being so heartless and mean and condemning! This county and this world needs more Steve Walsh's and more Allison Parker's!! πŸ'œ


Posted 9:13 am, 03/12/2020

so instead of hiding behind a username i'll go ahead and tell you guys my name is Allison Parker. I have known steve since I was about to play softball and he has coached me for many many years. He is the most thoughtful and caring man that anyone's daughter would ever have the chance to be coached by. throughout the years he has made me not only a better softball player but i better person. as far as you bashing him on account of not getting awards? okay so I did not receive an award that i particularly thought so deserved my senior year but did I complain? did i have my parents go throw a fit about it? no because it IS NOT steve's say. the county coaches vote on who receives rewards so before you talk about that, please know how it works. as for not being a good coach? i'm sorry but i do recall him taking my rev ball team that only had THREE girls that's had ever played softball before and winning the league and being undefeated. after that, taking a group of girls and winning the district title, state title, traveling to Georgia and winning the Regionals title, and THEN traveling to Oregon and placing THIRD in the WORLD and played on live tv on espn. I would never had received that chance if it wasn't for that man. and now as far as the high school record and beating west high? some of y'all apparently don't know that you have to have the talent to win. yes west isn't the best team there is but it takes TALENT to have a good team and i'm sorry to say but wilkes central doesn't have that anymore. we didn't even have it when I played.. yeah there is a few good girls that's played all their life but you can't have a team with only a few good girls. and the truth of the matter is, steve was made to step down and end his love for softball because of parents that wanted things their way so that their children could be the bigger star. so please, if you have something to say that isn't true sit down and take a look because all i can tell is someone is just an adult acting like they are 12 bad mashing an older man for trying to live out his softball coaching dream and helping YOUR daughter along the way. so maybe instead of bad mouthing we should be thanking him for all that he has done.


Posted 10:37 pm, 03/08/2020

Well I've always heard the admin didn't like sports.. but also not many teachers like him and how he runs things.. but the rumor I heard of why the coach is gone is that things went on for years and was let go because there were no big booster club parents kids on the team until the last few years and they had seen all they could stand.. plus you had parents whose kid didn't get awards they should have gotten. So my thinking is it's really not how many you make mad it's who you make mad. But like others have said he was a joke and that's so true


Posted 9:29 pm, 03/08/2020

I think it went on for so long because the admin doesn't care about sports up there. His priority is to get things in line in the building in regards to academics as it should be but still athletics deserves a fair shake.


Posted 9:06 pm, 03/08/2020

Michst66 you are right he was a true joke and embarrassment. I would really like to know what brought them to making him step down. I mean it had went on for years so something happened. I've heard rumors of why but I have no idea how true they really are. But even if they don't win a single game this year they are better off without him.

Swan Song

Posted 10:25 pm, 03/03/2020

Wilkes County doesn't seem to want good coaches. Just good ole boys. Central doesn't care about athletics. West is stuck in the Blackhawk way. Who knows what's going on at North. East only cares about football.


Posted 7:29 pm, 03/03/2020

I thought the last one was a joke, but I think they could have done way better.


Posted 1:58 am, 03/02/2020

Michst66 you sound like you supported the that made the school and everyone in the county look like nothing but pure rednecks. Please point out to me something he did that was so great. And if what I heard was correct he was made to resign because he made certain people mad and they simply were tired of the same old junk year in and year out. The new coach may be young but from everything I'm hearing he is a huge improvement over what was there. But no matter how our new coach does it is a better place to be without the old baggage.


Posted 8:25 pm, 02/19/2020

You'll have this ones head on a stick soon.


Posted 5:29 am, 02/14/2020

Really anything is better than what they had. Just because someone has coached rec ball for years way back then coached some travel teams should never have been given a job as a janitor just so they fit inside the rules of having to be employed by the county or school system or whatever the exact rule was. I'm very happy he is gone and I would take anyone who knows sports like the current coach over a corrupt embarrassing coach that was there..ask anyone who coached against him, I've heard other coaches use the term a complete because it was never hard to be 2 steps ahead of him. We had great teams and players but never could beat West and why? Yes West has been loaded but a huge thing was always West simply out coached out maneuvered us every year. The new coach is a blessing and very long overdue.


Posted 8:10 am, 02/09/2020

Not sure they made a better decision though. Someone with no coaching experience and someone that's just started their education career?


Posted 11:40 pm, 01/27/2020

Honestly this was long overdue. From everything I was told and saw for myself the school should be ashamed to even have put this person in charge of anything. Everything that was done for years was put up with while so many were done wrong. Hopefully the school has learned a lesson of what not to do when selecting a person to lead young athletes.


Posted 7:15 pm, 12/18/2019

I just heard today that the head coach which everyone knows his name but i will not call him out by name will not be allowed to coach this year. This does surprise me but they had no idea why this happened. Just wondering if anyone knew why this happened?

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